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Personalized Service
Our Services
We can help you with a variety of your driving education and certification needs
In-Car Private Lessons
DMV Test Preparation
Traffic School
Our Services
    We can help you with a variety of your driving education and certification needs, including certification for insurance discounts, behind the wheel driving lessons, instruction for the written and driving test.  We can also assist those needing a driver course as part of a court mandated program or to improve their driving record by reducing the number of points.​​

  The student must have a valid Florida permit or license to take Driving Lessons.
  If student doesn't have one, please let us know. We can schedule an appoinment for a              written test prep class

We teach the principles of defensive driving, such as techniques taught in the SMITH system, the famous five point system designed to prevent hazards. The SMITH system teaches students to practice the following when driving:
  1. Aim High in Steering
  2. Get the Big Picture
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving
  4. Leave Yourself an Out
  5. Make Sure They Can See You


  • Driving  Lessons.
  • Driving  &  Written Test Preparation.
  • First Time Driver Course. 
  • 4Hr BDI  Course. ( AGG)
  • 4Hr Defensive Driver Course.
  • 8Hr DDS.
  • Insurance Discount.

Driving defensively includes:
   > Controlling your speed.
   > Looking ahead and expecting the unexpected.
   > Being alert and distraction free.
   > Regarding other participants in traffic:
   > Preparedness for all sorts of actions and reactions of other drivers and                   pedestrians.
   > Not expecting the other drivers to do what you would ordinarily do.
   > Watching and respecting other drivers.
   > Maintaining a safe following distance.
   > Driving safely considering (adjusting for) weather and/or road conditions.
   > Adjusting your speed before entering a bend, in order to avoid applying the          brakes in the middle of it.